Recent & Current Research

  • Whim was set up as part of the NERC and Defra co-funded thematic programme on Global Nitrogen Enrichment (GaNE). It then became part of a large network of manipulation site experiments for the 5-year NitroEurope (2006-2011) and for the 4-year ÉCLAIRE (2011-2015) projects, contributing long-term time series data to both databases. NitroEurope data are freely available; ÉCLAIRE data are available to co-authoring collaborators.
  • Whim was an ExpeER site, hosting trans-national access visitors (2010-2015)
  • Whim is now part of the H2020 Infrastructure project eLTER site and is hosting trans-national access visitors from 2016.
  • In addition Whim has hosted numerous international scientific collaborators and MSc and PhD students from countries including the Netherlands, Spain, Finland, Japan, Portugal, Switzerland and the US.