A new experiment studying the response of vegetation and bog habitats to the combined effects of O3 and NH3 was set up at Whim in 2015. An O3 fumigation system has been added into an area of the bog that has historic NH3 treatment adjacent to the main transect. The ozone fumigation uses the same parameters for controlling the fumigation as the NH3 transect. This system will therefore simulate O3 episodes, with the release set at 40 ppb above ambient concentrations. The experiment will provide a chance to study the combined effects of NH3 and O3. In the experimental design each corner of the transect represents the different fumigation extremes, i.e. high O3 and NH3, low O3 and NH3, high O3 and low NH3 and low O3 and high NH3, with intermediate concentrations between these points.

Figures: (1) Ozone fumigation setup; (2) Ozone generator monitors.


Figure (3) Nitrogen-Ozone interaction experiement