Routine measurements

Meteorology and Radiative Gases

  • Precipitation, wind direction, wind speed, temperature, PAR, Total solar, RH, T, Soil T (10 and 20 cm), soil moisture, wetness, water table depth (15 minute averages)
  • CH4/H2O/CO2 fluxes from tower (continuous)

NH3 transect and wet deposition plots

  • NH3 air concentrations along the transect (monthly, by passive sampler)
  • Soil water table (monthly dipwells)
  • Soil water composition (anions: Cl-, NO3-, SO42-; cations: Na+, NH4+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+), total N, total C (monthly) and pH
  • Vegetation species cover (approximately every 2 years)