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Sheppard L.J., Leith I.D., Leeson S., Mizunuma T., de Bakker R., Elustondo D., Garcia-Gomez H..  2013.  PK additions modify the effects of N dose and form on species composition, species litter chemistry and peat chemistry in a Scottish peatland. Biogeochemistry. 116(1-3):39-53.
Carfrae J.A., Sheppard L.J., Raven J.A., Leith I.D., Crossley A..  2007.  Potassium and phosphorus additions modify the response of Sphagnum capillifolium growing on a Scottish ombrotrophic bog to enhanced nitrogen deposition.. Applied Geochemistry. 22(6):1111-1121.
Leith I.D., Sheppard L.J., Fowler D., Cape N., Jones M., Crossley A., Hargreaves K.J., Y. Tang S, Theobald M., Sutton M.A..  2004.  Quantifying dry NH3 deposition from an automated NH3 release system to ombrotrophic bog vegetation. Water, Air and Soil Pollution: Focus. 4:207-218.
Prendergast M., Standen V., Leith I.D., Sheppard L.J..  2009.  Response of enchytraeid worm populations to different forms of nitrogen (ammonia, ammonium, and nitrate) deposition.. Soil Organisms. 81(2):225-236.
Millett J., Leith I.D., Sheppard L.J., Newton J..  2012.  Response of Sphagnum papillosum and Drosera rotundifolia to Reduced and Oxidized Wet Nitrogen Deposition. Folia Geobotanica. 47(2)
Currey P.M., Johnson D., Sheppard L.J., Leith I.D., Toberman H., van der Wal R., Dawson L.A., Artz R.R.E..  2010.  Turnover of labile and recalcitrant soil carbon differ in response to nitrate and ammonium deposition in an ombrotrophic peatland.. Global Change Biology. 16:2307-2321.
Sheppard L.J., Leith I.D., Mizunuma T., van Dijk N., Cape J.N., Sutton M.A..  2011.  All forms of reactive nitrogen deposition to Natura 2000 sites should not be treated equally: effects of wet versus dry and reduced versus oxidised nitrogen deposition. Nitrogen deposition and Natura 2000: Science and practice in determining environmental impacts. :181-190.
Sutton M.A., Pitcairn C.E.R., Whitfield C., Leith I.D., Sheppard L.J., van Dijk N., Tang S., Skiba U., Smart S., Mitchell R. et al..  2003.  Biomonitor methods for assessing effects of atmospheric nitrogen on statuary nature conservation sites..
Mizunuma T., Leith I.D., Gray A., Sutton M.A., Sheppard L.J..  2011.  Evaluation of nitrogen indicators on ombrotrophic acid bogs: observations from a nitrogen manipulation study. Nitrogen deposition and Natura 2000: Science and practice in determining environmental impacts. :190-200.
Leith I.D., Sheppard L.J., Pitcairn C.E.R., Ingleby K., Jones M., Tang Y.S., Skinner R., Carfrae J.A., Cape J.N., Fowler D. et al..  2003.  The processes controlling uptake and storage of N and the effects of N deposition on semi-natural vegetation.. Nitrogen Umbrella Project.
Leith I.D., van Dijk N., Pitcairn C.E.R., Sheppard L.J., Wolsey P., Sutton M.A..  2003.  Refinement and testing of bio-monitoring methods and development of protocols, for assessing impacts of atmospheric nitrogen deposition or concentrations on statuary nature conservation sites..
Emmett B.A., Williams B.L., Ashmore M., Britton A., Broadmeadow M., Bullock J., Cape J.N., Caporn S.J.M., Carroll J.A., Cresser M.S. et al..  2006.  Terrestrial Umberella Annual Report.