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Sheppard L.J., Leith I.D., Mizunuma T., van Dijk N., Cape J.N., Sutton M.A..  2009.  All forms of reactive nitrogen deposition to Natura 2000 sites should not be treated equally: effects of wet versus dry and reduced versus oxidised nitrogen deposition.. Workshop at the Bedford Hotel and Conference Centre, Brussel.
Mizunuma T., Leith I.D., Gray A., Sheppard L.J..  2009.  Evaluation of N indicators on ombrotrophic acid bogs: Observations from an N manipulation study. Workshop at the Bedford Hotel and Conference Centre, Brussels.
Sheppard L.J., Leith I.D., Crossley A., van Dijk N., Cape J.N., Fowler D., Sutton M.A..  2009.  Long-Term Cumulative Exposure Exacerbates the Effects of Atmospheric Ammonia on an Ombrotrophic Bog: Implications for Critical Levels. Atmospheric Ammonia. :49-58.
Cape J.N., van der Eerden L.J., Sheppard L.J., Leith I.D., Sutton M.A..  2009.  Reassessment of Critical Levels for Atmospheric Ammonia. Atmospheric Ammonia. :15-40.
Prendergast M., Standen V., Leith I.D., Sheppard L.J..  2009.  Response of enchytraeid worm populations to different forms of nitrogen (ammonia, ammonium, and nitrate) deposition.. Soil Organisms. 81(2):225-236.
Leith I.D., van Dijk N., Pitcairn C.E.R., Sheppard L.J., Sutton M.A..  2009.  Standardised Grasses as Biomonitors of Ammonia Pollution Around Agricultural Point Sources. Atmospheric Ammonia. :269-279.
Sheppard L.J., Leith I.D., Field C., van Dijk N., Rung M., Skiba U..  2008.  2008 Effects of different nitrogen forms, ammonia gas and wet deposited ammonium and nitrate, on methane and nitrous oxide emissions from an ombrotrophic bog, whim moss, in the Scottish Borders.. :628-631.
Kivimaki S.K., Bruneau P., Grace J., Leith I.D., Rees B., Sheppard L.J..  2008.  Carbon and nitrogen cycling in Sphagnum capillifolium in response to nitrogen deposition and form . :592-594.
Cape J.N., Jones M., Leith I.D., Sheppard L.J., van Dijk N., Sutton M.A., Fowler D..  2008.  Concentration-dependent deposition velocities for ammonia – from lab to field. Geophysical Research Abstracts. 10
Sheppard L.J., Leith I.D., Kivimaki S.K., van Dijk N., Hall J., Bruneau P., Grace J., Rees R.M..  2008.  Does enhanced nitrogen deposition represent a threat to Sphagnum and thus the sustainability of Scottish peatlands? Land management in a changing environment. :291-297.
Cape J.N., Jones M.R., Leith I.D., Sheppard L.J., van Dijk N., Sutton M.A., Fowler D..  2008.  Estimate of annual NH3 dry deposition to a fumigated ombrotrophic bog using concentration-dependent deposition velocities.. Atmospheric Environment. 42(27):6637-6646.
Phuyal M., Artz R.R.E., Sheppard L., Leith I.D., Johnson D..  2008.  Long-term nitrogen deposition increases phosphorus limitation of bryophytes in an ombrotrophic bog. Plant Ecology. 196:111-121.